Daily Habit: Final Post

With this project coming to an end i want to present the final models that i feel somewhat confident about. Just like last week I had several errors with the program, and i did figure out what was causing the problem.


The first working model this week was based on a character i had remembered from my childhood, an idiotic rabbit from the show Brandy and Mr. Whiskers. Using recommendations from my classmates i went about creating this model using Z-spheres instead of using only dynomesh.


The second model that i actually enjoyed this week was a model of Pigeon from Mike Tyson’s Mysteries. I again used Z-spheres to create this model. I feel that he looks unfinished because of the extra sub-tools it took to create the back feathers, eyes and beak, all of which seemed to fight me.

Wednesday (Challenge-Attempt)

For my final challenge day i attempted to do a mixture of Adam’s project and working on doing more mechanical structures in Z-brush (which I have learned is a lot harder than I originally thought). I feel that my work on facial structure and machines could be worked on quite a bit this summer.


Daily Habit: Week 3


The attempt at a sculpt seen above was the first of many sculpts that has fought me this week. Originally this sculpt was supposed to be a jaguar, based on art by Kirk Parish, but as time went along, and the computer crashed, materials got switched out and for some reason the back part of the turn around got flipped upside down, I would say it turned out looking like a weasel. Unbeknownst to me this wouldn’t be the only sculpt to fight me this week, with all five of my new sculpts crashing on me or doing something strange to me at least once per session. Like a trooper though I persevered and continued on with these sculpts. A few of these I’m quite proud of.

Saturday: Jaguar

The jaguar gave me a lot of trouble. A list of which can be seen above. The model forced me to work on it up till the hour mark and was the worst I’ve had to deal with yet.

Sunday: Boar

The boar was probably the model with the least crashes, and makes me the happiest to look at. I wish that i could have spent more time working with the feet and tail.

Monday: Tiger

I really enjoyed doing this tiger model, it was a lot of fun and although it gave me a few problems it really is one of my favorites this week. It also makes me feel like i redeemed myself after the Jaguar disaster.

Tuesday: Giraffe

This Giraffe was the simplest of the models this week, it gave me no issues! No crashes, and the art was made to be put into 3d, coming from dream works.

Wednesday: Tauntaun


Wednesday was May 4th and in honor of Star Wars day i modeled a Tauntaun from Star Wars Episode 5.


(Photo by Taylor Hill/WireImage)

Thinking back on the documentary we watched earlier this week, I’m finding it difficult to relate Bill’s work to what we’re supposed to be doing. I find it amazing that he’s been able to live his life like our daily habit project, but i don’t think i can classify what he does as a daily habit. Bill’s ability to live the way he has for so long is amazing to me. I don’t think i could live my life without all of the comforts of my friends, and family. I find it hard enough to make myself do this project for 1 hour a day, comparing to Bill who has spent his entire life on his work.

Daily Habit: Week 2


3d modeled elephant

With the advents of last class I’ve started modeling based off of concept art by other artists and cartoons. The model seen above is an elephant model based on art created by Thomas Paul Thesen.


Elephant Concept art from Thomas Paul Thesen

Just like last week I’ve noticed that I’ve spent too much time trying to pull the shapes out of my characters, which makes me feel like I’m wasting a good amount of my time. I feel like 3 of my models this week had me wasting my time on the shape instead of going into details. I’ve found a few ways to make fingers easier to model.

Now onto the museum trip. While at the museum I didn’t really find many things to inspire my daily habit. Most of the things in the museum were very fine-artsy, and i felt that they could help out other people easily. What i was able to find inspiration in was a couple of sculptures.

The first image is a sculpture of a horse created by Deborah Butterfield. This was one of he few animal sculptures i could find in the new section of the museum. Unlike other animal sculptures this one doesn’t look perfectly like the animal it represents, instead it looks like a horse because of the shapes the pieces of metal make. The second sculpture also isn’t an animal but it helped me think about shaping of wire-frame which has made the creation of hands and feet a little easier over the course of this week.

Daily Habit: Week 1


Modeling Day 4: Toad

With Week one started i have made a total of five new models. A Lemming, newt, owl, toad and crocodile. Already I’m noticing several things that i need to work on when it comes to creating these models. I’ve noticed that i spend way to much time trying to pull out detailing shapes in the models early on, when I could do that at a later time in the process. I’ve also noticed that don’t have a technique for creating feet and hands, which causes these awkward little shapes. The final thing I’ve noticed is how i spend a lot of time working on the faces of the models and, because of that the rest of the model doesn’t feel as done as the head.

So far the Owl has been the hardest of my little creatures to model. This is mainly because i wasn’t prepared for the idea of modeling and posing wings. For a while i also tried to create the beak using normal modeling tools, and was able to use a sub-tool to create a fairly pleasing beak.

Three of my remaining models.

While looking into research materials I mainly focused on Disney and Dream Works concept art books. I wanted to look at different types of animal characters who were 3d and some that weren’t, to get a better idea of how to create animal characters.

06-Tigress 2

Tigress movements from Kung Fu Panda art book.


Miscellaneous animal concepts from Kung Fu Panda 2 art book


Bird Color Wheel from Rio arbook

Creative Habit Proposal


3d Model of an Aardvark

Our third project in this class has finally come around. I had gone through several ideas as to what i wanted to do, all of which revolved around the idea of doing animal studies. Originally i had planed on continuing with a series of studies I have been doing with markers, but ultimately I decided that this wouldn’t help me learn any new skills. My final idea was a combination of the animal studies I have been working on and the program that i have just begun to learn, ZBrush.

3 of my animal studies

Usually while making animal studies I choose a specific animal that i like and focus on individual body parts or the shapes that make them up. I attempt to do this in several different styles and like to get a good feeling of the shapes that make them up. For this project i propose that I attempt to model a random animal each day in a stylized form. The styles of these animals will vary day to day, to help me get a better feel for doing multiple different types of characters in ZBrush.

Alex from “Madagascar”, Simba from “Kingdom Hearts 2″ and Major Lionheart from Zootopia”

Some inspiration for this project comes from Disney and Dream Works animation companies who have created hundreds of stylized animals ranging from Simba (who has very few human like qualities) to Major Lionheart (an Anthropomorphic lion wearing a suit.)

Project 2: Self Review


Me finding the “lost” tapes

With our Oprah spoof video project finally at it’s end i thought that i would go back through and review everything that I had helped contribute to the project.


Special Effects by Olivia Ungemach

Week one i helped conceptualize some of the special effects makeup and helped construct the headphones we would use for filming. During that process I had helped buy the sound canceling headphones that we used for bases, and helped create the spikes out of paper and hot glue.


The massacred Foaxpra audience

Once our headphones were constructed i took up a role behind the camera to help film our big giveaway scene. Along with the audience scene i had helped do the original Foaxpra scene that was later scrapped due to poor lighting. After that I had a hand in filming Olivia’s commercial scene and began to help work with audio for the project.

20160317_112608 (1)

The microphone we used to record audio

For the last week of the project i worked mostly on recording our interviews and putting together our voice overs, even at one point putting my own voice into the project.

Progress Update Week 5


A still from our “Found” footage portion of the project

As this project has gone along I have had many jobs, working on building the headphones, figuring out how to make the spikes, filming for the audience event, and recording audio for the commercial portion of the project. As of Tuesday March 29th I did the one thing that I had hoped I wouldn’t have to do, jump in front of the camera.

On Tuesday I played the role of a “mystery hunter/ghost hunter” TV host who is self obsessed and sees his career as a dead end job, while being recorded via hand-held shot. With this final role completed I will move on to editing, so that i can put together the last portion of our project.

stills from our found footage video

Progress update.


With our crowd shots filmed, our group has split up into two teams. I joined the second filming crew while other members began editing the crowd shots and planning the new revised “found footage” section of the film.

So far i have supervised audio for this new section, using knowledge I’ve gained through the use of Adobe Audition, and my trusty microphone.

20160317_112608 (1)

As the week goes on I plan on helping with extra bits of filming and recording more audio for our final project.

Project 2 Contribution

As of Tuesday I have joined the Fopra Give-away project. As a member of this team I will be flowing between stations to help complete this project. My main contribution will be towards the creation of the give-away item. My secondary duties will have me working with the special effects department and possibly handling a camera during the recording of our final project.

As an example of a previous construction and video project I’ve worked on I present this piece, titled “The Chaos Inside”, a collaboration painting open to the public to destroy and create as they wish.


Project 2 Proposal


The Game of Life by Milton Bradly

While thinking about what I would like to do for this project i had come up with several ideas. I knew i wanted to do something a little different than an animation or a video. I started to think of an event to boost student moral. I propose that we  have a group create an event where we turn the entire school into a “board game” and allow students to participate in a series of these games as their game pieces.

Game of Life board and CCAD Campus Map

To make this project a reality, we would need a team to help devise a “board” and rules for the game. Weather it be a game like monopoly where you earn money and spend it, or something simple like candy land where you push straight through with a few little set backs. We would need to find a way for everyone to communicate if the game is going to be on a larger scale. If the game is the size of the campus then it would be important to keep players on one side of the campus informed about what others are doing.